April 22, 2019

South Bend Clutch

South Bend Clutch

I have been installing aftermarket clutches in diesel trucks for years. I have tried many different brands to get a feel for the market, but I have found myself calling South Bend Clutch back after every other clutch has failed.

Last weekend we installed a South Bend Iron Giant II in my friend Garrett’s truck. He was running a South Bend DD3250-GK but as his interest in sled pulling increased to a full blown addiction, we knew it was dangerous to continue sled pulling on the non- SFI fly wheel and floater plate.

IrongiantDuctile Iron flywheels can explode under extreme heat situations. South Bend Clutch does not recommend sled pulling with a ductile fly wheel or floated plate. In fact South Bend Clutch strongly advises against this due to the safety hazards involved.

Knowing this information we sled pulled a couple times on the 3250 dual friction clutch and decided we were playing with fire. We ordered the SFI approved centered iron clutch.


The installation was a breeze to learn more about this keep an eye out for our build thread in the forum section of this site. The South Bend Clutch Iron Giant II is still streetable for daily driving and now we are perfectly safe while sled pulling and drag racing with Garrett’s truck!

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  1. Tom Michelena

    I installed a South Bend on the 03 ISB5.9 HPCR. Simply put, South Bend is the solution to excessive horsepower and torque. These clutches engage smoothly, have minimal chatter, and hold anything you can put to them. South Bend is the definition of class. Install one and forget about slipping permanently.

  2. Kyle Struiksma

    I have heard some people complain in the past about them making weird noises when you put the pedal down like on the nv5600 and g56 3 gen trucks has that problem been fixed or is that a installer error?

    1. Vinny Himes
      Vinny Himes

      That is an excellent question Kyle! Thank you for bringing that up.

      The early South Bend Dual Disk clutches were noisy. Nothing was wrong with them, but the floater plate sits in grooves machine in the flywheel. As the engine vibrates it shakes that disk and it bounces off the sides of those grooves causing a chattering noise.

      But in typical South Bend fashion, Peter and the crew took this complaint to heart and presented us with a solution.

      They added little noise dampening pucks to the sides of the tabs on the floater plate. There was a problem with that fix though, the pucks would take so much abuse they would literally get destroyed and fall off the tabs.

      So South Bend addressed this by putting a dowel pin through the tab taking a lot of stress of the dampening pucks.

      This fix was implemented a couple of years ago and has seemed to finally put an end to noisy Dual Disk clutches. They are very quiet now and drive about like a factory clutch with just a VERY slight increase in pedal pressure.

      1. Kyle Struiksma

        Wow talk about a company who takes what they hear from the diesel people and go that far to fix the problem! Great info Vinny!

  3. Darrell Bueno

    I just had a South Bend Clutch put in my 08 F-350 . It chatters in 1st and reverse!! Any suggestions??

    1. Vinny Himes
      Vinny Himes


      Do you know the part number that you had installed?

      If it is a dual disk (FDD32506) the chatter is the floater plate vibrating against the flywheel and that is perfectly normal. Annoying to some, but normal non the less.

      If it is a single disk (1950-64DFK) then what you are experiencing is the ceramic buttons used to make the single disk clutches hold more power.

      DF stands for Multi-friction using 4 ceramic buttons and 4 Kelvar buttons
      CB stands for 4 ceramic buttons per side of clutch disc
      FE stands for 8 Feramic buttons per side of clutch disc


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