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LLY Turbo Mouth Piece

Vinny Himes



The LLY Turbo Mouth Piece has been a popular upgrade for Duramax enthusiasts since those trucks hit the streets in 2004. If you have been reading about them on forums, and on Facebook and don’t understand what all the hype is about, keep reading.

The factory turbo inlet, often referred to as the mouth piece. Is very restrictive, there’s a flaw in the plastic mold that created a wall that incoming air collides with. This restriction means the turbo is working way harder than it should to deliver the compressed air that the engine is desiring. These little inefficiencies will hurt fuel economy, performance and overall engine reliability.

Everything we can possibly do to make your engine more efficient is going to result in a better driving experience for you.

There are several companies the make an upgraded LLY turbo mouth piece.  Click here to view the upgrades that we recommend. 

While the LLY turbo mouth piece is one issue we need to resolve, if your budget allows, don’t stop there. The factor air intake can be upgraded with an aftermarket unit. These aftermarket intakes offer better flow, as well as increased filtration. Click here to see our recommended LLY Cold air intakes.

An aftermarket air intake, with the upgraded LLY Turbo Mouth Piece is going to result in a huge increase in air coming into the engine. We need to ensure that air is getting out as fast as it’s getting in. If we don’t you will end up with higher drive pressure. Drive pressure is caused when more air is coming in, than going out.

A free flowing performance exhaust system is a huge upgrade for you LLY Duramax. Click Here to view our recommended performance exhaust systems.  

Now that we have your LLY Duramax breathing better, there’s room for improvement on the ECM tuning. While all tuners are not created equal, we highly recommend Edge Products. Edge makes a great off the shelf tuner for your LLY. Click here to view the Edge Evolution Tuners. Now if you are one of our customers that’s wanting more than an off the shelf style programmer can offer. You need to check out our EFI Live custom tune options from Kory Willis at PPEI. Click here to view our EFI Live options. 

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