December 15, 2019

Innovative Diesel Custom Tunes

Innovative Diesel Custom Tunes

Here at Lead Foot Diesel Performance it is no great secret that the 6.0 Power Stroke is our main bread winner. We work on literally hundreds of these trucks every month. We have learned how to make them live and beyond that, we have learned how to make some pretty powerful trucks live a hard life on the street and on the track.

innovative diesel custom tunes
Innovative Diesel preloads custom tunes on the SCT Tuners.

When it comes to making decent power with these trucks you have to upgrade the injectors and the turbo. The factory counter parts just can’t perform very well north of the 400 horse power mark. We just finished two trucks here at the shop that are making well over 500 rear wheel horse power. Once you take the plunge for aftermarket injectors you HAVE to get a custom tune for those injectors to operate at their full potential.

Several times a day I get asked “Who does your custom tunes?”

Well here is the simple answer, there is only one company we trust to tune our personal trucks here at Lead Foot Diesel. Innovative Diesel Custom Tunes has been writing some of the best 6.0 and 6.4 power stroke tunes available on the market. They have been tuning our trucks for years and we see no need to look or try anyone else. If you are in the market for custom tunes or want to learn more about tuning for a 6.0 power stroke project, look no further than Innovative Diesel Custom Tunes Performance.

They offer custom tunes from:  Aggressive Street, Street, Tow, Aggressive Tow & Economy

They also offer a Jake Brake tune option which will utilize the VGT turbo to aid in braking heavy loads while towing. This will add years of life to your brakes and make towing a lot safer.

How to Update Your SCT Tuner by Innovative Diesel Custom Tunes

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  1. Avatar
    Andy Harrison

    With these tunes and chips, is it something that plugs into the truck’s ECU or it a completely new ECU? If I had a truck like the ones you mentioned, I would for sure get a tune for it. Not only would that increase the power, but it would also give me better gas mileage.

    1. Vinny Himes
      Vinny Himes


      The custom tunes can be emailed to you, if you already have an SCT Flash device. They can be transferred from your lap top to the flash device such as the SCT X4 or the SCT Live Wire TS. Then you plug the flash device into the OBD2 port of the vehicle and download whichever custom tune you want.

      There’s no need to remove the ECU from the vehicle.

  2. Avatar

    Does the new live wire switch power levels on the fly on a 04 6.0? And if so are they better then my sfx3? I like the screen on the live wire but only want it to switch on the fly.

    1. Vinny Himes
      Vinny Himes

      The SCT Live Wire Ts, is shift on the fly for the 6.0’s. The tunes are exactly the same as the X3 and X4, from my personal experience the SOTF (Shift On The Fly) feature is a little glitchy. I ran the Live Wire Ts on my personal 2003 F-250 Powerstroke and the truck would do weird things when I tried to use the SOTF feature. The first time I downloaded the SOTF tunes the truck wouldn’t even start. So I ran it for a couple days useing it basically the same way I had previously used my X4, by just downloading whichever tune I wanted to run, Tow, Street or Performance. Which worked fine and the truck ran flawlessly.

      A few days later I again tried loading the SOTF tunes and the truck would start and run, but when I changed power levels the ICP (Injector Control Pressure) would wig out and the truck would run really erratic. The touch screen was EXTREMELY aggravating, When I would try to scroll down in the main menu, it was so sensitive it would select menu options I didn’t want, instead of scrolling down. There were times I would spend a half hour just trying to select a new PID to display on the gauges screen. It was such a problem, that I went back to my X4 and gave up on the Live Wire.

      Since then, SCT has made some updates and hardware changes, there are now arrows you can use to navigate the touch screen instead of trying to swipe the over sensitive screen. This helped greatly and they are much easier to use now. However, like you said, the only reason you are willing to make the change, is for the SOTF feature. It works with the canned SCT tunes(The tunes pre-loaded on the device) but SOTF will not work with custom tunes loaded onto the device.


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