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ATS Twin CP3 Kit

Vinny Himes



About the ATS Twin CP3 Kit

There are a lot of options when it comes to adding a second CP3 to your common rail diesel truck. They are not, however created equal. You will come to find that none of my product reviews are biased in any way, they are simply the facts I have acquired after years of installing these parts on my own truck or my customers trucks.

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There are several key points that set the ATS twin CP3 kit apart from others in the market.

  1. First of all, one of the major problems with dual CP3 pumps is belt contact on the pulley. When only 45% of the surface area of the pulley is used, you are going to get belt slippage under wide open throttle scenarios. ATS has solved this problem by adding a second pulley bellow the secondary pump pulley. This forces the belt to wrap around more of the main pump pulley. No more belt slippage and that means no more serpentine belts breaking and leaving you stranded. This is HUGE! I had a dual CP3 kit on my 03 Cummins and I broke 8 serpentine belts in one year. The manufacturer could not tell me why this was happening and they sure didn’t want to pay for my replacement belts at $160 a pop. I spent almost as much money on replacement belts as I did for the CP3 kit. This is simply unacceptable.Twin CP3, ATS Dual CP3 kit, dual CP3,
  2. The second thing I like about the ATS Twin CP3 kit is the fact that they mount the pump lower which makes working on other areas of the engine bay MUCH easier! They also use a solid one piece silicon coolant hose which allows their kit to be used with ANY aftermarket air intake elbow. This was always an issue with other kits that used a metal section of tube with a bracket to reroute the coolant. They wouldn’t work with most aftermarket intake elbows.

The one thing that frustrates me is that people assume Twin CP3’s are only for monstrous aftermarket injectors and high horse power trucks. NOT TRUE!!!! You can put twin CP3’s on a bone stock truck with no tuner and see anywhere from 60-100 horse power gain. We use these kits at our shop to increase fuel mileage, lower EGT’s and raise fuel economy. We have never used them to support huge injectors, they will do that but that is not why we install them.

I have installed Twin CP3’s for old timers not wanting a hard to use electronic programmer that they don’t understand. They want the power, but they don’t want to know how it works and they don’t want to know how to use computerized electronics.

Twin CP3’s relieve stress on the factory CP3 and allow it to work less while increasing performance! This is literally a no brainer! Is it the cheapest 100 horse power you can get? Heck no, is it the easiest? Not really, but they work awesome, you will not have problems with the kit once it is installed and you are making your engine work less to produce more power!

Yet another bonus to the ATS Twin CP3 kit, their electronic controller does not split the factory signal. They copy the signal and then send it out to both pumps which allows the FCA’s to pull down faster. Other kits on the market will have what is easily explained as throttle hang. When you are into the throttle 100% and you let off, the FCA’s hang open for a second and the truck will feel like it is running away from you. You are at zero throttle and the RPM’s continue to climb. This is a very scary scenario and if it gets bad enough can cause valves to float and on the newer common rail Cummins the valve seats can drop. CATASTROPHIC engine failure….

The ATS electronics make sure this will never happen. You will get the increased horse power and Diesel Performance without the horrible side effects.

Another note! The ATS Twin CP3’s are all designed to work with factory emissions components still installed on the truck. If you live in a strict emissions state like California, you can optimize performance without removing the EGR system on your 6.7L Cummins or 2007.5 and newer Duramax

If you have more questions about this amazing product hit me up.

Purchase ATS Twin CP3 5.9L Kit Here


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    02/22/2013 at 7:45 PM

    Had a great time with Vinny. The review is great. Call these guys if you need some ATS.

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    02/22/2013 at 7:52 PM

    That review is awesome and so informative! I only have one question, who is the quiet guy on stool that is yawning during your presentation? haha, I think you may have worked him a little hard that day!

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      02/26/2013 at 11:40 AM


      That lil guy… I wouldn’t worry about that lil guy!

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