February 20, 2018

6.0 Intercooler Pipe

6.0 Intercooler Pipes

There are many factory parts that can fail on a diesel engine, and we all know the 6.0 Power Stroke has it’s fair share of weak links. Among all the parts we try to upgrade to prevent our customers from having to come back, the simplest is the factory 6.0 intercooler pipes.

The 2003-2004 trucks have metal intercooler pipes on the passenger’s and driver’s side of the engine. The 2005-2007 trucks use a black plastic intercooler pipe on the driver’s side and a metal intercooler pipe on the passenger’s side.

60 Intercooler Pipe
CFM+ aftermarket pipe compared to stock plastic pipe.

The factory air filter box sits right above the driver’s side intercooler pipe and it can rub on the pipe. There is a louvered section on the 6.0 intercooler pipe that sits about 3/8” higher than the rest of the pipe and that section will rub on the bottom of the air filter box until a hole is worn though it.

I wish everyone that owned a 6.0 had a boost gauge, some of those trucks came with a factory boost gauge, but the lower models did not. You would have no real way of knowing you had a boost leak from the intercooler pipe having a hole worn through it if your truck is not equipped with a factory boost gauge.

CFM+ makes an aftermarket metal 6.0 intercooler pipe that ships with their ceramic intake elbow. This product is a cheap fix for a potentially MAJOR problem.

A boost leak, if undetected can result in overheating he engine and causing a cracked cylinder head or at the very least a blown head gasket.

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