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H&S Performance Dyno – 6.7L Power Stroke

Vinny Himes



H&S Performance Dyno Run – ATS Diesel “Let It Roll” Dyno Day

Check out H&S Performance Dyno the hell out of their 6.7L Power Stroke…..once again! This thing holds up well and shows that the Power Stroke can be a contender thanks to the tuning of H&S Performance Dyno.  There are a total of  5 videos so be sure to check them all out! Video 5 of 5 is the maxx.

[toggle title=”H&S Performance Dyno Video – 1 of 5″]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”H&S Performance Dyno Video – 2 of 5″]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”H&S Performance Dyno Video – 3 of 5″]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”H&S Performance Dyno Video – 4 of 5″]
[/toggle] [toggle title=”H&S Performance Dyno Video – 5 of 5″]
[/toggle] H&S Performance Dyno

About H&S Performance Dyno

H&S Performance was founded with a desire to create better products for the diesel performance and racing industry.  Located in St. George, Utah, H&S Performance got its start by designing the first ever DPF Delete exhaust system for the 2007 + Dodge Ram 6.7L.  Since its humble beginnings, H&S has emerged as the industry leader in performance tuners and exhaust products for late model Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, and Ford Powerstrokes.

H&S Performance Dyno is committed to delivering you the highest quality parts and service.  Through countless hours of research and development, each of our products have been designed with YOU, the end-user, in mind.  From cutting edge tuners, to high quality exhaust products, you can always count on H&S to deliver the products you need!

When you are ready to step up your diesel engine to the next level, go with performance products from H&S Performance Dyno, and BRING ON THE POWER!

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