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H&S Breaking Point 2 – LML Duramax

Vinny Himes



HS Breaking Point 2


Well looks like the diesel tuning masters at H&S Performance are at it again! This time they plan to take on the LML Duramax. After their first H&S Breaking Point in which they pushed the 6.7L Power Stroke to its limits, they want to put the engineers at GM to the test.

The difference on H&S Breaking Point 2 with the LML Duramax is that we will be viewing their Research & Development LIVE. With the 6.7L Ford Power Stroke the crew at H&S Performance had been testing, modifying and upgrading that truck weeks in advance. With the LML Duramax, they have done small changes to get performance out of the truck but still make it unpredictable. We may see a rod blow out the side, it may hold up and punch out 800+ HP. This will be exciting to see the H&S Breaking Point 2 crew live in action.

Our Duramax expert Tom Michelena, or God of Mod (GoM) as we like to call him, rolls a 2011 GM LML Duramax 3500HD and is currently getting pimped out at ATS Diesel Performance. The next step in his project is a Tranny, that’s all we want to reveal at this point. All we have to say, is watch out next year in the Diesel Power Challenge. This one ton beast is going to put on a show.

If you have questions, comments or ratings lets see them & hear them! Get ready for a wild ride with H&S Breaking Point 2

HS Breaking Point 2

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