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EzLynk AutoAgent Live Tuning for the Diesel World

Vinny Himes




The EzLynk AutoAgent is the newest tuning platform to hit the diesel performance world, it offers Live Tuning in a way we have never experienced before.

The EzLynk is a device that plugs into the OBD2 port and tucks up under the dash, it then broadcasts a Wi-Fi access point that you can connect to with any IOS or Android device. Once the EzLynk has been setup, you download the AutoAgent app to your IOS or Android device and open the app. From this point everything happens very quickly, the menu is very simple to navigate. You select your vehicle and you will see your VIN# pop up. You can then share notes with your technician and they will be able to see any active DTC (Check Engine Codes) stored in the ECM. Not only can they then clear those codes, but they can also make adjustments to the tune on the fly, while you are driving down the street, to fix whatever parameter may be causing the engine light to come on.

This technology is light years ahead of anything we have ever used in the diesel performance industry. The biggest advantage we are going to see here, is when we build a truck for a customer in stages.

For Example:

In the past, say a customer brings us a 2011 Duramax, Cummins or Powerstroke. We install a cold air intake, tuner and exhaust. Then that customer leaves and drive’s the truck for a couple of months, they get tired of it, it doesn’t feel as fast as it did before, whatever the case may be. Now they want to do more upgrades such as a bigger turbo, bigger injectors, dual fuelers, etc. In the past we would have had to retune the truck to make all those upgrades work efficiently. It would take a couple days to get a tune, then we would have to update the tuner, download the tunes from an email to the programmer and then retune the truck.

With the EzLynk AutoAgent Live Tuning for the diesel world this will be changed forever. We can upgrade whatever we want, message those changes through the AutoAgent app directly to the tuning technician and the tunes are updated on the fly, literally while you are driving the truck down the road. If you have ever messed around with EFI Live, Smarty UDC tuning or even the SCT custom tunes, you know what a pain it is to change tunes or update  existing tunes. AutoAgent is literally a game changer, I will be updating this post the more we get to mess with the software and device.

We have currently tuned our shop tow pig which is a 2016 Ford F450, we are in the middle of a big build on another 2016 F250 standard cab four wheel drive. It has a fully built engine, H&S Motorsports dual fueler kit, S&S Motorsports 200% over injectors, and a Maryland Performance S476 single turbo. We made over 1,200 horse power with custom MCC tunes already. We are going to install the EzLynk AutoAgent tuning and see how easy it is to make tune revisions on the fly. Feel free to email or call with any further questions you may have regarding this product. For more information check out the link to the EzLynk AutoAgent Live Tuning.
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