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Excerpt from our LB7 Duramax Reviews

[bq_left]It was time to end the 6.5L GM diesel engine. It was under powered, noisy, and there were a lot of problems with the engines design. The mechanical injectors of the 6.5L were swapped out for a common rail injection system.[/bq_left]

The common rail injection system used in the LB7 & LLY Duramax engine allowed General Motors to double the power output of their new diesel engine and fuel economy nearly doubled.

If you own an LB7 or LLY Duramax you may have already replaced one set of injectors, or at least heard about how crappy their injectors are. This drives me nuts, there is nothing wrong with the Duramax injectors. The problem is with the GM fuel system. Isuzu originally designed the Duramax engine and joined efforts with General Motors at their Moraine Ohio assembly plant. So yes the engine was originally built by Isuzu but it is in fact assembled in the US by GM technicians.



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    12/12/2013 at 12:58 PM

    what is the difference in a 6.6 LB7 motor vs the 6.6L

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      12/14/2013 at 1:40 PM

      Thanks for your question Kenny. All the Duramax engines are 6.6L engines. Could you specify what year of engine you are wanting us to compare to the LB7?

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