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Common Diesel Fuel Additives Questions

Customer #1:

“Do you guys do any kind of fuel injector service or flushing? Or a EGR induction cleaning service?  I know BG has a diesel induction service machine. I was wondering how beneficial this was for truck diesel engine specifically a 6.0 for both the injectors and EGR. This is all PM service nothing wrong with my truck.”

A: Lead Foot Diesel Performance, LLC

“We don’t really have a need to do the BG services here at our shop due to the fact that the majority if not all of the 6.0L trucks we work on are here for head gasket repairs.

We clean the intake manifold while it’s off and the cylinder heads all go to the machine shop and get a full valve job and hot tank treatment while they are off.

So when we re-assemble them they are literally in brand new condition.

We also install an upgraded oil cooler and EGR cooler upon reassembly. We also do a coolant flush using a special chemical that breaks down contaminants in the cooling system, this will avoid anymore casting sand, or coolant sludge from running through the cooling system.

We replace all faulty injectors at the same time since they are already out, and we install a bypass style FASS fuel system to ensure no trash runs through the brand new injectors. This also replaces all the factory steel fuel lines with brand new 1/2″ fuel lines so we know there is no trash stuck in the fuel lines.

We then advice our customers to run Diesel Power Service in their fuel after this service has been completed.

We try to offer the most bullet proof 6.0L package available.

Comment #1:

“Heck I didn’t mean for you all to do all that writing. I was thinking more as a preventive maintenance over a major redo or upgrading, if nothing is broken. As much as I like to come down there and say here she is give her the works, I’m just a poor man. The other fella mentioned uses MOC products. One day I will come by and get a quote on a egr delete and some upgrades.”

A: Lead Foot Diesel Performance, LLC

“The problem with spending money on the BG cleaning is it will clean it for now. But the system will soot up again very quickly, you would be much better off spending your money on a water methanol kit.

The water methanol is windshield washer fluid that is injected into the intake elbow and then flows through the intake manifold and through the cylinder heads.snow-v9

This will quickly clean out the intake system and clear it of all the soot build up caused by the EGR. Once clean the system will continue to inject the water methanol mixture and that will keep the intake system clean.

Water methanol not only cleans the engine, it also helps to better atomize the fuel and reduce high Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT’s) this will result in better fuel economy and increased power.”

Comment #2

“There is no need for flushing or induction cleaners. IMHO having made those products and watched them be pawned onto unsuspecting people coming into said shops. Fuels have enough cleaners in them without introducing more. Same with brake flush and other flushes. Again “IMHO” having 250 k on my Toyota before trading it in without any of that stuff and I had access to it for free”

A: Lead Foot Diesel Performance, LLC

Diesels are a lot different than gas vehicles like Toyotas Mike.

I agree though, a lot of these diesel fuel additives are snake oil and half the time don’t do what they are sold to do.

In 2007 the sulfur content was removed from the diesel fuel we get at the pump. Since then we have seen a huge increase in injector and injection pump failures in the diesel trucks that come into our shop.

The sulfur found in diesel fuel prior to 2007 was what helped to lubricate the tiny internal moving parts of the diesel injectors. Removing that lubricant is the main reason common rail diesel injectors fail.

But we have found that adding a dose of Diesel Power Service to every tank of fuel is both affordable and perfectly sufficient to get the lubrication properties back into the fuel and will greatly reduce the likelihood of further injector failure.

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