December 15, 2019

Weekend at Diamond Eye Diesel Exhaust

Diamond Eye Diesel Exhaust

I have known Dennis, the owner of Diamond Eye Diesel Exhaust for many years. He is always such a blast to spend time with, the guy is quite simply one of the happiest people I have ever had the opportunity to chill with.

Dennis isn’t pushy about his product line, you can meet him for the first time and may never know he owns a multi million dollar company that involves literally HUNDREDS of thousands of square feet. He will ask you about your family, friends, personal interests and other going on’s. He isn’t cocky or flaunting and this is what has gained him a massive respect in the Diesel Performance industry. There’s no ego with this guy!

So when I was recently spending time with Dennis and his wife in Mexico on a business related trip, and he says “Vinny, you gotta come down and tour the plant” I didn’t hesitate. Diamond Eye Diesel Exhaust has been one of my personal favorite brands not because of how they sound or look, it’s the ease of installation and perfect fit that loured me in. As an installer it is pertinent that the parts we sell on our web site and through our shop fit perfectly the first time.

So early Saturday morning a buddy and I loaded up in the mega cab and we slogged through rain and snow for 5 hours to reach Athena Oregon where Diamond Eye has resided for many years.

We pulled into what I guess you could call a town, and met Dennis at the Wild Horse Casino where he had already paid for our rooms and had a spectacular dinner ready to go! We spent the first night there telling jokes and simply having a blast getting to know Denis and his family of employees over tall glasses of Pendleton Whisky and perfectly smoked oysters.

The next day was pretty exciting! We went through the vast expanse of buildings that is Diamond Eye Diesel Exhaust! The sheer size of these buildings was overwhelming!

It was an all day deal just going through the various warehouses full of millions of dollars worth of over stock! Most exhaust companies are barely keeping up and are often on a back order status. Dennis has planned ahead and has literally years worth of product in stock and ready to ship. This is not over stock in the sense that they aren’t being ordered, it seemed like every time we went outside there was another semi truck unloading giant bundles of fresh pipe ready to be molded into perfectly formed exhaust systems, and UPS trucks being loaded with out going orders.

Fun Fact:
Diamond Eye Diesel Exhaust pumps out 7-8,000 exhaust systems each week!

The next day we were promised to see the whole place in full swing action!

We arrived at the factory around 8:00 in the morning and things were ticking right along, there were guys hand bending exhaust hangers, robots performing FLAWLESS welds, expanders working faster than I have ever seen! This is a very well thought out, stream lined operation. Employees were warn and welcoming, eager to show us their skills and make us feel involved in the production. This wasn’t the normal dog and pony show you get going into a production facility.

I think the best part of this trip was watching Dennis interact with his people, or should I say family! It wasn’t your normal multi millionaire business owner interacting with (employees) these people are Dennis’ friends. You can tell by the way he interacts with them that they care about him and he them.

I have to say after seeing every aspect of their operation, Diamond Eye Diesel Exhaust gets a triple A+ in my book!


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