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Cummins Cylinder Head Porting

Vinny Himes



Cummins Cylinder Head Porting

Cummins Cylinder Head Porting

I personally run Industrial’s full race head on my 2007 Dodge Cummins and I have mated that cylinder head with Industrial’s Injectors and Race Compounds.

One question I get asked by customers here at Lead Foot Diesel Perfromance is:

Will this part give me more boost?

Cummins Cylinder Head Porting

Here you can see where the exhaust manifold was covered with ink and bolted to the head. The port in the exhaust manifold is much larger than the port in the cylinder head. The head will be ported until the two openings are the exact same size and a perfect match.

This is the most ridiculous question, the hardest thing to explain to people is that the boost number you see on that gauge in your cab is simply a measurement of restriction.

Let me do a little better job of explaining this so it makes perfect sense. If you have a stock turbo and it operates on a stock engine at 35 pounds of boost and you are making 325 horse power to the rear wheels and that turbo is moving 61 pounds of air per minute. Imagine how much power you could make with the same turbo moving 61 pounds per minute at 15 pounds of boost/resistance! By removing the restriction in the cylinder head, you are dropping the drive pressure which inhibits performance. You are also reducing EGT’s (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) which also hurt maximum performance.

That is what these ported and polished cylinder heads will do for your truck.

I have installed the Industrial Injections Race Compounds on many trucks over the years. Those turbo chargers on a stock engine with basic bolt on’s and fuel upgrades will push 80 PSI of boost no problem. Those trucks are capable of 800-1000 horse power dependent on tuning and fueling modifications.

Cummins Cylinder Head Porting

Here you can see the O rings installed in the bottom of the cylinder head. This helps with the clamping force of the head gasket around the cylinder opening.

With their race head on my personal truck with the same turbo chargers I see only 40 PSI on the gauge in my cab but I am still moving the same pounds per minute of air. To be able to run an 800+ horse power truck on the street with very little to no smoke is what really makes these cylinder heads worth their weight in gold.

If you are looking at purchasing one of these cylinder heads but you are having a hard time justifying the money, I hope this little review helps you make a wise decision. They are worth the money and not having to worry about EGT’s and high drive pressures is so nice when you want to do a lengthy wide open throttle run on the freeway!

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  1. Avatar


    09/10/2013 at 7:47 AM

    This is an excellent review! I never understood the whole boost concept fully until now. Can the same thing be applied to a Duramax cylinder head?

  2. Vinny Himes

    Vinny Himes

    09/10/2013 at 2:00 PM

    Yes, in fact Industrial Injection offers fully ported and polished Duramax heads as well. The thing to watch out for on a Duramax aluminum cylinder head is electrolysis. We have seen some pretty nasty heads that have eroded to the point there were only a couple of threads left for the aftermarket screw in injector cups to thread into.

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