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Best Duramax Diesel Exhaust

Vinny Himes



Best Duramax Diesel Exhaust

I have installed hundreds of aftermarket exhaust kits over the years, and there are some great manufacturers out there. What I have found is one manufacturers exhaust kit will work great on a Powerstroke, but I can buy an exhaust from that same company and try it on a Duramax and it doesn’t fit for crap and sounds horrible.

I really like the MBRP exhaust kit for the Chevy and GMC Duramax’s because they fit perfectly and whether you want to run it with or without a muffler they produce excellent performance and sound.

The other nice thing about the Duramax exhaust from MBRP is the same part numbers fit from 2001 to 2010. The part numbers I highly recommend from an installer’s stand point are as follows:

MBRS6004PLM 4” Turbo back Straight pipe no muffler aluminized
MBRS6004P 4” Turbo back with muffler aluminized
MBRS6004AL 4” Turbo back with muffler and polished tip aluminized
MBRS6004409 4” Turbo back with muffler and polished tip Stainless
MBRS6004SLM 4” Turbo back Straight pipe no muffler Stainless
MBRS6004BLK 4” Turbo back with muffler ceramic coated black finish

Keep in mind though, all Duramax exhaust kits are referred to as “Turbo Back” they are only from the downpipe back. If you hate that weird pissed off vacuum cleaner sounds you hear most Duramax’s making I recommend upgrading the down pipe when you do your exhaust. If you upgrade the down pipe and the exhaust it will sound a 100 times better and reduces another very restrictive point in the exhaust flow leaving the Duramax power plant!

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