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Edge 31507 – Best Cummins Tuner (2013-2014)

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Find the Best Cummins Tuner – Edge 31507

If you own a 2013 or 2014 Dodge Ram with the powerful 6.7L Cummins, then you are probably running into the same issue most of our customers are running into. There aren’t a whole lot of options out there for tuning these beasts. Edge Products recently released their Best Cummins Tuner the Edge 31507 Part number which is the Edge Juice With Attitude. This is the same tuner I have been running on my personal 2003 Cummins 5.9L since 2004. I love my Edge Juice With Attitude, it has served me well for many years and you can trust this tuner to do the same for your brand new Cummins.

There currently are not a lot of options out there for people who want to modify their 2013 or 2014 6.7L Cummins. In my opinion it’s going to be awfully hard to beat the new Best Cummins Tuner Edge 31507. This tuner not only offers you 6 adjustable on the fly power levels, you can also monitor all the engine parameters you could possibly want to watch. The factory gauges on the dash are nice, but they don’t allow you to see certain things.

The Best Cummins Tuner the Edge 31507 will display up to 8 different gauges on the 4.3″ LCD Touch screen at one time, you can choose to display Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT’s), real time engine coolant temperature, real time fuel rail pressure, Pre and post DPF EGT’s, regeneration status, boost, Intake Air Temperature, 1/4 mile times, transmission temperature, and correct vehicle speed for trucks running larger tires.

Being able to watch the regeneration status is very important. When your truck is in regen, the internal engine temperatures can reach well over 1100°

If you shut the truck off during an active regen cycle it causes the exhaust valves to go from 1100° to less than 300° very quickly. This can cause fine little cracks in the valves and greatly reduces engine life. With the best Cummins tuner the Edge Juice With Attitude installed on your 2014-2014 Cummins you will have a leg up in making sure you get the absolute most reliability out of your engine. Knowledge is power and Edge has given us the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge about how these trucks work.

These gauge options aren’t the only way the best cummins tuner, the Edge ensures longer engine life, the tuner for the 2013 Cummins also has safety defuel settings built into it. You can set this tuner up to baby sit whoever is driving your truck. One thing you may not know is that the 2013-14 Cummins engine is not only used in pickup trucks like the one you drive. These engines are used in many different applications such as marine engines in boats, air compressor engines for construction crews and also generators. They cast all of the blocks the same so they can be used in any of the aforementioned applications. This means there are some coolant ports in your block that aren’t required for an engine in a pickup truck like the new Ram 2500 and 3500’s.

Best Cummins Tuner Edge 31106

The manufacturer chose to plug these unused ports with freeze plugs, these plugs are pressed in and are designed to push out if the coolant ever freezes. This keeps the block from cracking as frozen coolant expands. So those freeze plugs in the block aren’t just there to fill an unused hole, they also work as a safety precaution to ensure the block wont crack.

The only downside to these freeze plugs is that when you start your truck in the morning, the coolant is very cold, if you jump on the skinny pedal and are hot rodding the truck around town when that coolant is still cold, it flashes the coolant and causes it to expand very quickly. Flashing the coolant will force the freeze plugs out just like frozen coolant would do. The bad thing is this usually happens when you are driving down the road, there’s no way for you to know you just blew out a freeze plug and you keep driving the truck while it’s dumping all of the coolant on the ground. The next thing you know, your brand new 2014 Cummins is overheating and destroying the engine.

Edge has a safety setting for that too, it’s in the defuel settings under the main menu. It’s called Cold Engine Protection, you can turn the Juice With Attitude up to the highest power level, but it’s not going to give you any extra power until the coolant temps come up to normal operating temperature. Don’t ignore or turn off this setting, it’s there for a reason and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Another Safety defuel setting that I am a big fan of is the EGT defuel. I set my Edge to defuel at 1350° but you can safely run this setting at 1450° this is another setting you do not want to ignore or disable.

When you are towing with your truck the EGT’s are going to run around 650-880° which is perfectly safe and normal, but that worthless 68RFE transmission sitting under your butt, is designed to shift into overdrive at 45 MPH. This is a horrible and stupid design that has caused many engine failures over the years, simply because people are unaware of the problem. This is where the best cummins tuner comes in handy.

When your transmission shifts into overdrive so early it causes the engine to lug down and the exhaust gas temperatures begin to rise. If you can’t see them, you don’t know to do anything different. Some of these newer Cummins are equipped with a factory pyrometer gauge but some of them are not. Edge can monitor the EGT’s while you are towing, if they start getting hot, the Juice With Attitude will begin cutting the power back to save the engine from melting down.

The last defuel setting that I really care about is the torque converter slip setting. If you forget you have the tuner set on level 6 which is 150 horse power more than stock, and you hook up to your trailer, chances are the junky factory torque converter is going to slip. Edge will sense this and start cutting power to avoid complete torque converter failure.

There are so many pro’s to the Best Cummins tuner Edge 31106 I could write about it for days.

If you have more questions, call LFDP at 770-267-3322 or Click Here To View Edge 31507

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