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6.0 Powerstroke Aftermarket Turbo

Vinny Himes



We recently got the chance to sell a customer an ATS Aurora 4000 for his 6.0 Power Stroke. I was a little on the fence as to how this turbo was going to perform on a 6.0L.

6.0 Powerstroke Aftermarket Turbo

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at how extremely fast this 6.0 powerstroke aftermarket turbo lights and holds power throughout the RPM range. We install a lot of modified VGT turbos for the 6.0 and they work awesome because you can use the VGT to keep the turbo lit. Going to a fixed vein charger was a bit of a gamble and it paid off big time.

Here at Lead Foot Diesel Performance we specialize in turning all make and model of diesels into faster and more reliable vehicles. The 6.0L Ford has such a bad wrap that we have adopted it as our brain child and we enjoy making them not only perform better than anyone ever imagined, but we also have figured out how to make them live at these increased power levels.

I wanted to take the time to share a list of parts we used to make this customer’s truck not only spool a 64mm fixed vein charger faster than the stock VGT, but also make it reliable and fun to drive and tow with.

We installed the Sinister Diesel Regulated return system to keep even fuel pressure across all 8 of the 190cc/70 injectors that we installed. We fed the engine with fuel by installing a FASS Titanium 150 which operates at 60 PSI. Those injectors clean up perfectly with good pressure going through them, and the custom tunes on the SCT 5015 tuner deserve some recognition for the cleanliness.
6.0 Powerstroke Aftermarket Turbo
To ensure the head gaskets stay in tact, we not only installed a set of ARP head studs, we also had the cylinder heads O ringed and a 5 angle valve job done. The 6.0L stock bottom end is plenty stout for a 600 horse power build. We didn’t mess with anything in the bottom end.
6.0 Powerstroke Aftermarket Turbo

An aftermarket intercooler is a must when you start playing with bigger injectors. A good intercooler will drop about 150° off the EGT’s and also allows a higher volume of air to be compressed by the turbo charger, with all the money invested in this build we had to choose wisely on what intercooler we purchased. We opted for the Banks intercooler system because it came with upgraded metal intercooler pipes which replace the sketchy plastic intercooler pipe. The Banks kit also comes with an upgraded intake elbow that we pre-drilled and tapped for boost gauges or water methanol injection if the customer decides to go that route in the future.

We will be dynoing the truck in a month and I will post video here for everyone to see how it does!

If you are interested in the Aurora 4000 turbo < click on the link and feel free to call me with any questions you may have about parts needed to make this turbo work!

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    03/02/2013 at 6:27 PM

    How did the ATS Twin CP3 Kit install go?

  2. Avatar


    03/03/2013 at 10:57 AM

    The install it’s going awesome! Fell asleep at the shop last night, should have the beast breathing fire by noon!

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