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Lead Foot Diesel Performance’s Recommendation On 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Injector Failures

If you ever wondered how trash can get inside your fuel tank, here is the answer. The fuel tank on the right came off a customer’s truck that only allowed us to ever replace the injectors that graphed bad on our computer. We replaced injector after injector after injector. He became more and more irritated every time he had to come back. We finally convinced him to let us dig deeper and find the source of the problem. That’s a brand new fuel tank sitting next to it, the lift pump was completely dead and that filter housing was full of dirt and tank lining material.
fuel tank

There are only a few things that can cause an injector failure. The most common is lack of fuel in the system. This is known as a fuel restriction and can be something as simple as junk in the fuel tank or as serious as a dead lift pump.

The factory lift pump is located on the frame rail bellow the driver’s seat. There is a filter built into that housing that is very messy to change, most people and some shops neglect that filter when they perform a fuel filter service because it is so messy to change.
If that filter is not changed it will get clogged up and put a massive strain on the lift pump causing it to fail. Here at Lead Foot Diesel we always change the frame mounted filter regardless of the mess it involves.

Once the lift pump becomes weak it is no longer supplying the injectors with enough fuel and they rely on that fuel to lubricate their internals. Lack of lubrication will cause a mechanical failure of the injector.

The lift pump and clogged filters cause damage especially on higher mileage trucks. In order for Lead Foot Diesel Performance to guarantee that your truck will not come back in the near future there are other components that need to be addressed.

The factory fuel system on your truck has one MAJOR flaw in its design. The fuel is pulled from the tank by the lift pump and then fed into the front of the cylinder heads where it flows through a chamber and is delivered into each injector body. That chamber runs all the way through the cylinder head and exits at the rear of the cylinder head and returns to the tank.

The downside to this design is there is nothing. Keeping the fuel delivery pressure even across all of the injectors. So the injectors at the front of the engine are getting tons of volume and excellent pressure while the rear injectors are starved for both volume and pressure.

You would think that the forward injectors would never fail and only the rear injectors would be negatively influenced by this design. That is not the case. Each injector has a sister injector, meaning those two injectors fire together during the combustion process. When one injector fails the sister injector tries to compensate for it. This compensation hides the issue until both injectors have been damaged or fail completely.

We can install an aftermarket regulated return kit to solve the fuel delivery problem. The regulated return puts fuel into the front and back of the cylinder head which means all 8 injectors are now seeing the same amount of volume and pressure.

We still haven’t addressed the factory lift pump problem though, in order for us to tell you that you now have a perfect fuel system as far as volume, pressure and filtration are concerned, you would also need us to install a FASS Fuel system.

The FASS fuel system replaces the faulty factory lift pump and that messy lower fuel filter. It also replaces the small factory fuel lines with ½” fuel lines and has a 2 micron fuel filter and a 10 micron air water separator built into it.

So if we replace all 8 injectors, install a regulated return system and a FASS fuel system you have a pretty solidsetup right?

WRONG! There is still the FICM (Fuel Injector Control Module)

The factory Ford FICM is a very poorly designed computer that controls the electronic portion of your injector. The main failure we see here with the FICM is either the internal mother board cracking or melting due to engine heat. We can rebuild it for you for $589 but it’s not better than it was when it failed. If you want a good aftermarket FICM we can order you one, there is no core charge on them because the company we get them from is not re-using any of the factory parts.

They use military grade electronics, and they machine a new housing for it with CNC machined cooling fins to help dissipate the heat that causes the factory unit to fail.

So, to recap…

6.0L Inj

Here you can see all of the little tiny internal moving parts of the injector. We have no way to look inside and make sure all of those parts are functioning properly when we buy a new injector for your truck.

We absolutely 100% CAN NOT guarantee that your injectors will never fail again. There are a lot of little tiny parts inside the injector that we will never be able to see, we do not have the tools or machinery required to disassemble an injector to make sure it was built right. We can visually inspect the exterior and make sure the nozzle is on right, we can check the electronics and make sure no wires are torn or cut. But we can’t see inside. If an injector that we installed fails, that injector has a 12 month warranty. We will get you a new injector for free, we will even install that replacement injector for free.

We understand it is frustrating to have to bring your truck back but the best we can do to make you happy is to offer our very expensive mechanics time for free and we will fight with the manufacturer of your injectors so you don’t have to for free.

Please understand that we don’t want you to have to bring your truck back here any more than you do. We appreciate and value your business. The only reason we ever want to see you come back here is to tell us how happy you are with your truck, or to get some fun upgrade parts. We never like seeing a customer come back for the same problem we just fixed.

We never recommend replacing just one or two injectors in any diesel engine for the simple fact that if one or two injectors fail the others a going to fail shortly after.

We will however replace just one or two injectors at the customer’s request. We understand everyone has a different budget. If you can’t afford all of the recommended parts listed above, we aren’t going to turn you away. But please don’t come back mad when 2 or 3 more injectors fail a couple weeks or months later.

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