January 22, 2018

ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit (202-930-2164)

ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit

The ATS Aurora 3000 turbo is an excellent upgrade if you have a stock turbo charger that has failed or is failing. Or if you are just wanting to cool down your EGT’s while towing. Many of our customers buy a diesel truck, and the first thing they want to do is install a set of gauges. Once we get the gauges installed they can really start seeing how hot these trucks run, even in stock form.

ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo
Duramax Aurora 3000

The ATS Aurora 3000 turbo kit is an excellent option for cooling the EGT’s down without having to upgraded other aspects of the truck’s engine.

I can’t tell you how many people I have seen (Over purchase) when it comes to buying an aftermarket turbo charger. Next thing you know they are having to buy upgraded injectors, injection pumps and other turbo supporting modifications. All because they didn’t understand how turbo sizing affects throttle response and operating temperatures.

The ATS Aurora 3000 is not meant for high horse power applications, so don’t expect that out of it. If you have a basically stock truck with an intake, tuner and exhaust you will love this turbo as a stock replacement. It will spool faster than stock while lowering the exhaust gas temperatures, making your truck more fun to drive and more reliable!

BUT!!! Don’t zero this nasty little charger out completely when thinking about a performance build. While it was never designed with the intent of high horse power numbers when used as a single  turbo, the ATS Aurora 3000 does make an EXCELLENT small charger in a compound turbo kit. I have seen guys run the Aurora 3000 with the Aurora 5000 and produce a very cool 600-700 horse power that is extremely snappy and responsive.

I have also used the ATS Aurora 3000 with the Aurora 7500 and 8000 turbo chargers. Some guys may be thinking (There’s no way you could run two drastically different sized turbos without having crazy high drive pressures) well there is, and I will explain how this can be made to work.

Think of the ATS Aurora 3000 as a shot of nitrous on a big single turbo’d truck. The Aurora 3000 does exactly what it would normally do as a single charger, It spools up quickly from a dead stop until it reaches 35 PSI of boost pressure. This whole time it is driving the big charger to start creating high volume low pressure boost. What we then do is install one or two external waste gates in the manifold before the 3000. At 35 PSI these gates open and dump into the hot pipe between the 3000 and the big charger. This air continues to drive the big turbo harder without becoming bottle necked in the exhaust housing of the ATS Aurora 3000. So we are still only driving the 3000 at 35 PSI continuously without ever pushing it outside of it’s efficiency map.

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